Thinking "green" at metalicone is a genuine realistic approach, believing that every one of the company's employees must subscribeto it so as to ensure a better future for us and for our children. As part of metalicone's overall outlook on social responsibility and in order to realize the company's environmental vision, we have established a steering committee for environmental matters and contracted a consulting firm specializing in formulating a strategic plan to make the relevant company interfaces environmentally friendly. The committee worked to formulate and lead a regulated environmental policy that will be effected and implemented in all of the company's plants, while investing great efforts in responsible and economic management of issues such as recycling, power and purchasing.
As an important step in this path, a work plan was formulated for environmental protection designed to raise awareness, expand the
employees' knowledge and understanding and encourage practical application of the guiding principles and rules. This is so as to minimize as much as possible the damage and negative effects and to allow us all to live in a friendly way caring for and protecting the environment.


ISO 14001 was implemented at metalicone in 2008 following the increasing awareness and importance ascribed to the commitment to the environment and the demand to protect it. The increasing awareness to environmental issues in the country and worldwide and the
resulting legislation placed before us a demand for a commitment to protecting the environment.
Standard 14001 provides metalicone with a response in a number of fields such as:

  • Efficient use of the organization's resources and savings in power, water and raw materials.
  • Cost-effective treatment and removal of waste.
  • High image positioning based on a commitment to the environment.
  • Reinforcing the positive relationship between the organization and individual clients, business clients, social economic organizations and "green" enterprises.
  • Transitioning to more effective work processes.


Metalicone Technologies Ltd. employees are willing to make great investments in handling hazards and caring for environmental causes. We are ready to invest much more in understanding the problems and in finding applicable solutions.

Metalicone, as a machining industry leader, recognizes the huge importance of protecting the environment for future generations. Therefore, we are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, our suppliers and our customers, to
adopting a policy that streamlines and reduces energy use, to integrating a "green plant" culture and practices, and to positively affect in our business and personal relationship a raise in awareness and activities for the protection of the environment. At metalicone we ensure the following on an ongoing basis,:

  • Waste separation and removal of various types of waste for recycling, to the extent possible.
  • Energy management by the Energy Commissioner and preparing plans to conserve power.
  • Increasing the employees' awareness of environmental protection at the plant and enriching their general knowledge on environmental issues.
  • Investment in infrastructure in order to reduce environmental risks – coating the operating surfaces at the yard with paint to prevent seepage of oil into the ground, purchasing containers, absorbent materials, cleaning ditches and more.
  • Environmental management according to the requirements of standard 14001, that is examined annually in the course of the Standards Institute's examination.

In 2015 the plant introduced the following new activities:

  • Concentration of the removal of all hazardous waste, including cleaning sewage ducts and pumping oil separators by one supplier, certified by the Ministry of the Environment. This enables better control over waste removal, and ensuring that it reaches its destination for recycling or landfilling.
  • Introducing a new supplier for paper recycling at the plant. Until now the plant's recycling was carried out in a manner relying on the regional council, and this process was not effective enough. Now the collecting of paper in all departments is assured and the amounts removed can be tracked, striving to reach 100% of removal of all paper from the plant for recycling.
  • Covering a container behind structure 3, with a plastic roof using a hydraulic mechanism. The covering ensures that during rain, no water will be collected inside the container, which could lead to the overflow of emulsion into the yard.
  • There is a plan to improve the covering of the containers behind structure 4 later this year.



Sources: printed circuit boards, test equipment, electronic components and more.
Treatment: this equipment is transferred for dismantling and recycling of plastics and metals.


Sources: chips, castings, profiles.
Treatment: sold to a metal recycling contractor.

Other metals

Sources: iron, stainless steel, nickel, titanium, tungsten, widia and more.
Treatment: sold to a metal recycling contractor.

Solid waste

Sources: plastic residues from various manufacturing processes, wooden pallets and cardboard
Treatment: removal to suitable recycling contractors.

Hazardous waste

Sources: used oil, lapping sludge, grinding sludge, pumping oil separators, used filters, etc.
Treatment: removal by a contractor certified by the Ministry of Environmental Protection for
recycling or landfill.

Office papers, cartons and batteries